(WSCR) Here are this week’s over/unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show.

Bears Tight End:
Combined for just 13 receptions thru 7 games this year.
Part has to do with blocking, part has to do that they’re all brutal targets.
Kellen Davis – 10 rec. Kyle Adams – 2 rec. Matt Spaeth – 1 rec. All others – 0 rec.
O/U for Receptions by Bears TE’s at Tennessee: 2.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Under

Sacks of Bears Quarterbacks:
Cutler sacked 6 times by Panthers last week (Panthers had 14 sacks in 6 games previous)
Bears have allowed 25 sacks on the season, third most in NFL. (Trail Arizona and Green Bay)
Titans pass rush leaves much to be desired – only 11 sacks all year (tied 4th fewest in NFL)
Kamerion Wimbley and Derrick Morgan lead team with 2.5 sacks each
O/U for Bears Sacks Allowed vs. Titans: 2.5
Mac – Under Spiegs – Under

Bears Drought Between Touchdowns:
Nearly 43 minutes between them in Panthers game
Final 56:43 of Monday Night vs. Detroit – No TD’s
No offensive TD’s in first 3 quarters vs. Jaguars
Titans allowing 32.1 ppg. 2nd worst in NFL.
O/U for longest drought between Bears Offensive TD’s vs. Tenn: 25:00
Mac – Under Spiegs – Over

Joakim Noah vs. Chicago Bears
Noah led the Bulls with 23 in season opener vs. Kings
Bears offense scored 185 points this year. 42 come on INT-returns.
Bears offense averaging 20.4 points per contest this year if you take out INT returns.
Noah has to play against Anthony Davis Saturday…strong defender.
O/U for Difference in Points: Bears Offense -3.5 vs. Noah’s Saturday Night Points
Mac – Bears -3.5 Spiegs – Bears -3.5

Forte Touches:
Big story this week is lack of consistent Forte involvement in offense
Averaged 21.2 touches per game last year…avg’s 16.1 so far this year
23.6 touches per game in 2008 were his career high
Get more touches this week – thrown to more?
O/U for Forte Touches vs. Titans: 17.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Broadcast Mentions:

“Vanderbilt” Mentions:
Jay Cutler, DJ Moore and Earl Bennett all attended and in Nashville…
How many times does the word “Vanderbilt” get mentioned in game?
O/U: 2.5
Mac – Under Spiegs – Under

“When I Was in ______” by Billick
Always talks about coaching days with Vikings and Ravens
“Reminds me of coaching a Cris Carter in Minnesota”
“He likes a young Ray Lewis I once coached in Baltimore”
Any of these? There usually are. O/U for “when I was in ___”: 1.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Over

Grand Old Opry Shots
Capital of Country Music – Probably the biggest landmark in Nashville
Besides tailgating, what else is there to even show in Nashville? Cumberland River?
O/U for shots of the Grand Old Opry: 1.5
Mac – Over Spiegs – Under

Chris Johnson Graphic:
His decline is always talked about…
2000 yard back in 2009 – downhill since
O/U of Graphics to Help Represent his fall from glory: 0.5
Mac – Under Spiegs – Over

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