CHICAGO (CBS) — Thanksgiving is the time of year when people do tend to think of others.

But, are you like that all 365 days of the year?

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker put several people to the selfish test to see how they scored. And for some, the results were surprising.

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First one to honk your horn in traffic? Or take up extra space on Metra while others search for a seat? These simple acts could indicate you’re selfish.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being really selfish, Jackie Locke estimated she’s “honestly, about a one, because I’m not selfish.”

But, we questioned Jackie and several others.

Taking our lead from “Unselfish World”, a new book that urges people to think more about others than themselves, we presented 10 potentially selfish situations to different age groups–people in their 20s, over 30 and over 40.

For instance, do you play loud music with no concern for others? leave a mess for others to clean?
Hog the TV?

Austin Scott, a member of the 20-somethings, admitted, “I’ll watch like, Olympic weight lifting, and no one really enjoys watching that with me.”

So why are people selfish?

Rush University Medical Center Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Shulman said, “People act upon feelings. Sometimes selfish acts are what feels good.”

He added that most people don’t even realize how selfish they are. Remember Jackie Locke, who thought she was a one? She actually committed six out of 10 selfish acts.

She said she was surprised “because I don’t consider myself selfish. Maybe with my husband.”

In fact, Jackie’s group, the over 40s tied with Natalie Shaver’s group–the 20-somethings–for committing the most selfish acts.

Natalie believes that “I’m allowed to be selfish. Because when else in my life am I gonna have a time where it’s like just for me?”

Dr. Shulman says the over-40s may be returning to selfish ways because their kids have left home, they have more freedom and money.

32-year-old John Pickens said, “It’s about thinking of other people.”

He confessed to just one selfish sin on the survey. He helped the 30-somethings win the award for most considerate. Dr. Shulman credits their victory with also being parents.

Dr. Shulman said, “They are now people who have to think of others.”

“Unselfish World” author, Rick Sasso says we can all learn something from that group about being unselfish.

He said it’s his hope that “perhaps they’ll pass it along.”

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