(WSCR) After missing the Bears beat down in San Francisco on Monday night, quarterback Jay Cutler is still working to recovering from a concussion suffered in Week 10.

Cutler, who has yet to be cleared for the Bears’ Week 12 matchup against the Vikings on Sunday, vowed to play again this season on his weekly radio show on WMVP-AM.

“I will play again this year,” Cutler said. “No doubt about that.”

“I got a few more hoops to jump through,” he added.

After Cutler is cleared by team doctors, he must also be cleared by an independent physician, in accordance with NFL rules.

“You’ve got to have no symptoms before they even give you these tests,” Cutler said, mentioning that he’s suffering from blurry vision and headaches.

Still, the quarterback’s latest concussion isn’t changing his style of play.

“Going forward, I’m going to play the same way I play,” Cutler said. “And hopefully I don’t get anther concussion.”



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