CHICAGO (CBS) — A federal safety agency has concluded that no one but a swan was to blame for the death of a Villa Park man last spring.

Anthony Hensley, 37, worked to keep geese away from a condo complex near Des Plaines.

He was out checking on the swans at the Bay Colony Condominiums last April when it’s believed he got too close to one of the birds or a nest and was attacked.

He fell out of his kayak and drowned.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated whether there were any safety violations that might have contributed to the tragedy.

OSHA’s has cleared his employer, saying it found no violations.

Hensley was a good swimmer, but he ended up in the water while fully clothed and wearing boots. To make the situation worse, police said the swans continued to swim at Hensley as he tried to make it to shore.

Hensley was married with two young daughters.

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