(CBS) — Tiarria Stallworth, a 29-year-old mother hit while putting her child into a car on Thanksgiving, has made a remarkable recovery.

“She saved the baby,” says her sister, Chenetra Williams. “It would have probably killed the baby. She got the baby in the car and evidently that’s when the impact hit.”

Tiarria Stallworth was struck by a white sport-utility vehicle in the 8700 block of South Burley Avenue, police said. The driver, who was traveling east on 87th Street, remains at-large.

The family initially held vigil over the critically injured woman and hung a picture over her hospital bed of a deceased loved one. The next morning Stallworth awoke.

“She wrote a note to the nurse and asked where were her sons,” Williams says.

They say Stallworth will soon be released to a rehabilitation facility with a good prognosis. With that, their focus has changed to the driver.

“That’s cold and callous,” Williams says.  “Whatever you do, there’s a consequence — turn yourself in.”

Police are also looking for a newer white SUV with front-end damage and potentially black paint from the victim’s car.

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