OSWEGO, Ill. (CBS) —There always seems to be enough bad news to make some people believe the end of the world is near.

But this year, this month, has special significance because of the Mayan calendar – specifically, Dec. 21 and rumors of the end of the world.

It’s raising concern about violence at one Illinois school district.

CBS 2’s Mike Parker traveled to District 308 in Oswego, where word is circulating about what might happen on the last day of school before winter break.

Things seemed to be normal Thursday night as the Oswego High School girls’ basketball team took the floor at home against Naperville Central.

Administrators hope it stays normal.

Earlier Thursday, the district warned parents and students in a posting on its website about “student initiated rumors about school violence occurring on or before December 21st.”

Students at the game were told not to speak to CBS 2, but parents did.

“It’s good to know that Oswego’s being proactive about this situation. You can’t take these things too lightly,” Kim Vanderhei said.

Another mother, Vicki Janusz called the situation “no big deal.”  She, too, said she’s “glad the school is aware.”

The district believes the rumors are linked somehow to the Mayan calendar “doomsday” talk surrounding Dec. 21. Administrators say they’re working with local Oswego police and that security will be heightened at both high schools starting Friday.

Does the district think the threats are credible?

“Not at this time, but we want our students to be comfortable and safe,” a spokesman said.

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