CHICAGO (CBS) — A couple hundred people rallied at the Thompson Center in the Loop today, demanding that lawmakers make Illinois the tenth state to allow same-sex marriage.

They held signs saying opposition to equality is bigotry. Activist Rick Garcia had two messages for lawmakers.

“One is get the job done, get the lead out, do it,” said Garcia. “And the other one is, do not **** with us.”

Alderman James Cappleman stood with his partner Richard, his husband he called him.

“I remember walking into Sears and sneaking up to a water fountain that was labeled ‘for colored people only,’ but I wanted to taste what was different about this water.”

The Reverend Susan Anderson Hurl, a Lutheran minister, took clergy to task for opposing gay marriage, saying she’s sick and tired of men who can’t marry telling her what marriage is.

“Where is equality. Every single person, black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, whatever you are, who you are, you deserve the same rights as my husband and I, and I am not going to stop fighting, not just Illinois, I want DOMA repealed.”

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