By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — When “Rooftop Pastor” Corey Brooks donated $2,000 to a former Detroit mayor’s family for Christmas, he thought he did well. Now, he’s receiving racially charged threats.

The once-imprisoned former Detroit mayor Kwama Kilpatrick, who still owes his city $855,000 in restitution, is now on federal trial for corruption.  In a letter to Brooks, he said his family was destitute. Brooks ponied up money from a New Beginnings Church fund, a parishioner-donated fund that was distributed for Christmas.

The money did not come from his Project H.O.O.D. – for which Brooks’ recently walked across America to raise funds.

Trouble arose when Kilpatrick didn’t notify his probation officer of the donation.  Kilpatrick’s now on house arrest for that.

“If Kwame Kilpatrick broke the law, then that does disappoint me,” Brooks says.

The pastor says he would write the same check today.  But he adds he’s also learned lessons.

“You just have to pay closer attention, even when you’re giving and trying to do something good because you never want your good to be evil spoken of,” he tells CBS 2’s Brad Edwards.

As for the threats – Brooks has a lawyer involved.

Brooks famously camped atop a roof in the West Woodlawn neighborhood to raise money toward a community center.

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