Spirit Airlines Takes Shot At Manti Te’o

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Manti Te'o

Manti Te’o (Photo Credit: Getty Images, By: Jonathan Daniel)

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(WSCR) Manti Te’o better prepare for a lot more of this…

Now that the world knows his girlfriend, who allegedly died of Leukemia during the season, is completely and totally fake, the jokes have begun to pile on the Notre Dame linebacker.

Even Spirit Airlines is getting in on the fun, promoting “Catfish-Approved, No Hoax” low rates.

Check out the description below:

Don’t be blue! When you sign up for the $9 Fare Club, Spirit will save you a whole stack of gold year round! So, if your girlfriend is around (and real), plan that trip that you’ve been talking about without paying too much for it. And tell those high fares to R.I.P.!

Credit: Manti Te'o

Credit: Spirit Airlines

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