By Suzanne Le Mignot

SKOKIE (CBS) — A woman unloading her groceries in her own driveway was stabbed and carjacked.

She was stabbed in the back and right arm. Her wounds required stitches and she’s expected to be okay.

Raisa Girel had just come to her Skokie home after grocery shopping. She was unloading her silver 2004 Toyota Highlander and using an alley to enter the house.

Moments later she was approached by a man who wanted to steal her SUV. Girel’s son says the man, a white male in his mid to late 20’s matches the description of the same man investigators told the family, stole a car in Skokie, a day before his mother’s attack.

When asked how he took the car, Sergrey Girel, the victim’s son, answered “He Took took my mom’s keys, purse, wallet and the car.”

Regarding his mother’s health, Sergrey Girel said, “She’s fine. Just a small cut on her back, which only required a couple of stitches as far as I know.”

The carjacker not only got Girel’s vehicle, he also got a bite wound on one of his arms. Girel, soon to be 60 years-old, fought back.

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