CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago’s first hydration clinic is providing relief for flu symptoms this winter.

While there is no cure for the flu, Dr. Jack Dybis says getting enough fluids everyday can help.

“You are fully hydrated and your body functions are at maximum capacity, then you are better armed to fight off the flu,” said Dr. Dybis.

Revive Hydration Clinic at 222 W. Ontario is among the first, providing i.v. drips to help relieve flu symptoms.

“People do feel better walking out the door and I find that as the day goes on, the Vitamin B takes a little bit more time to act and throughout the day and into the next day or two they will feel even better,” said Dr. Dybis.

It’s Vitamins B-complex and C. The one-liter i.v. fluid also may contain Toradol, Zofran and Benadryl, depending on symptoms and is equivalent to drinking two to three liters of water.

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