CHICAGO (CBS) — A South Side bishop is planning to bus a couple hundred people to the Lincoln Park neighborhood tonight after the owners of the reggae club, the Wild Hare, which moved in several months ago were denied a permit for live music.

This is not the type of cause that Bishop Larry Trotter takes on, he readily concedes.

“Kind of totally off of what I normally do, but I think that unfair is unfair,” said Trotter.
When asked if he sees racism in the decision, Trotter said,” Sounds like clear racism.”

Trotter said there was a community meeting.

“But once they went to the meeting, which was 250 white people with three black people, everything started going south,” said Trotter.

Bishop Trotter said he is a fan of reggae music. On tonight’s march around the neighborhood, he said, “We are not going there to raise a fuss. I’m looking for harmony and racial harmony at its best.”

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