MARKHAM, Ill. (STMW) — Afraid that a former boyfriend was going to post a nude photo of her on the Internet, a Matteson teenager worked with her mother and father to kidnap the man, who then was bound with duct tape, beaten with a pipe and crutch, photographed half-naked, and had his life threatened, police said.

Xenia Jaimes, 18, and her parents Dalanya Jaimes, 43, and Richard Dearman, 41, all were charged with felony aggravated battery, aggravated kidnapping and armed robbery in the case, according to court records. Matteson police said Friday that additional charges were pending.

Bail was set Friday at $50,000 for Xenia James, $100,000 for Dalanya James, and $250,000 for Dearman, records show. They are next due in court Feb. 27 before Judge Darron Bowden at the Markham courthouse.

Calls to the family’s home seeking comment were not immediately returned.

The 19-year-old Richton Park man who allegedly was kidnapped and beaten said he eventually was able to talk his way out of his situation and escape.

“I was thinking, ‘How did I get myself into this situation?’ ” he said. “It was shocking but it wasn’t anything that I lost my handle on, and I didn’t lose my focus on getting out of there.”

Police said the man and Xenia had been having a casual sexual relationship five months prior to the alleged attack. During their time together, she stripped during a video chat and allowed him to photograph her nude with his cell phone, police said.

Weeks before that, according to police, Xenia posted on a social networking website an accusation that the man had stolen her iPod. Police said he took it by mistake and immediately returned it. But after the man found out about the post and read it, he threatened to post the nude photograph of Xenia if she didn’t call him to talk about the alleged theft, according to a police report.

Xenia texted him on Jan. 15 and told him to come to her family’s house at in the 100 block of Stonebrook Road in Matteson, police said. She then led him to the basement, where he was confronted by five people wearing ski masks and bandanas and holding metal pipes, police said. One of them was holding a walking crutch.

The people proceeded to beat him in the head, and when he fell, his wrists and ankles were bound with duct tape and he was blindfolded, police said.

The man said his eye was swollen shut, his temple was bruised and his face was swollen due to the attack. The attackers took the man’s shoes, diamond earrings and phone and demanded to know how to delete the pictures of Xenia, police said. When he told them the photos had been deleted, he was punched in the face, he said.

A woman in a ski mask then identified herself as Xenia’s mother, and one of the men said he was Dearman, police said. The attackers threatened to kill him if he “tried anything,” and Dearman told him he would let the victim live because he didn’t feel like driving to the Mississippi River, according to police.

After the blindfold was removed, Dalanya Jaimes gave the man an ice pack for his facial injuries, removed the duct tape with baby oil and applied ointment to scratches on his arms, police said.

Dearman allegedly ordered the man to remove his pants and underwear, and he proceeded to photograph the man sitting on a couch half-naked “for insurance” purposes, the man told police.

“They were trying to be nice,” the man said. “I was just letting it go in one ear and out the other while I was listening to what they were saying.”

He said that to gain their compassion, he told them he worked hard and had a job.

“Really, I talked my way out,” the man said. “I created a sympathy story so they could feel sorry for me and let me go.”

Dearman told the man he “knew a lot of people” and “this better not come back to us,” and the victim told them he would tell his family he got robbed walking to his car after work, police said.

Because his gym shoes had been taken, the man was released wearing a pair of women’s shoes. He said his car speakers also were stolen.

He told his parents he had been robbed, and they took him to a hospital. Police confirmed he was treated for injuries suffered in an attack.

The victim reported the incident to police on Jan. 22, saying he didn’t come forward immediately because he was afraid for his life and the safety of his family.

Matteson Deputy Police Chief Michael Jones called the attack “an unfortunate incident.” He said detectives were able to piece together the case after a search of the house turned up valuable evidence.

The man said he was happy that the three were charged.

“Justice is served,” he said. “I’m happy that they got what they deserved.”

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