By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — BP’s mis-mixed fuel led to 14,000 claims last year. Hoosier Brian Cebra may have the worst case of all.

“This has been like a living hell,” he says.

His 2010 Ford F-150 sits in pieces at Smith Ford in Lowell, Ind. BP initially paid $9,300 for an initial round of bad-gas repairs. But then six weeks later when his wife was driving the truck died.

“It seized up. Thank God she’s okay,” Cebra says.

His Ford’s engine is not okay. It needs a $10,000 fix.

BP’s side, according to spokesman Scott Dean, is that there apparently is no relation to Cebra’s latest truck problems.

“We’re not seeing any causal link between the repairs we paid for and the fact the engine failed 3,700 miles later,” he says. “Neither could the dealership’s manager or technician, according to our interview.”

Jeff Schmal, of Smith Ford in Lowell, told CBS 2 the damage is linked to the bad gas.

For now, however, Cebra’s claim is denied.

“I have a $700 payment due next month, and I have a truck that don’t run, and my engine’s in pieces,” he said.  “It all goes back to the bad gas.”

BP has paid out more than $12 million in bad-gas claims.

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