By Adam Harris-

(WSCR) Mike Bobinski is a busy man. He is currently the athletics director at Xavier University and will be the Georgia Tech AD starting April 1. But perhaps his most interesting title is as the NCAA Selection Committee Chairman.

Bobinski has the all important job of leading the committee that decides what schools will participate in the NCAA Tournament.

The pool is currently at 68 teams and as Bobinski told 670 The Score’s Connor McKnight and Adam Hoge Saturday, that’s where it will stay.

“As we sit here today, I don’t think the landscape of college basketball warrants expansion at this moment of time,” Bobinski said on 670 The Score. “There is no inclination and no momentum whatsoever for a conversation regarding expansion.”

Some may feel stations stand to make more money with an expanded field, but Bobinski put the kibosh on that theory.

“I can tell you that our broadcast partners, Turner and CBS, our agreements with them have absolutely no expansion mandates or clauses in there whatsoever,” he said. “I think right now we are at the right place with 68 and I don’t see it changing for the foreseeable future.”


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