By Craig Miller-

(CBS) Floyd Mayweather Jr. joined Craig Miller for an exclusive interview after the Cornelius Bundrage and Ishe Smith press conference at the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit.  During the interview, a fight broke out between two fighters that will be on the under card of Saturday night’s action, and you can see how Floyd handled the altercation. 

Later on Floyd explained why he chose to fight Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero and what made him sign a new deal with Showtime Boxing instead of HBO.  Floyd discussed how he plans to close out his career if he wins the fight vs. Guerrero, and if he will face off against rising Mexican star Canelo Alvarez.  He also made it clear that he won the controversial decision between him and Jose Luis Castillo and how you will be persuaded to feel the same way if you watch the fight with the audio muted.

Mayweather addressed how drug testing for athletes should be handled and he wants athletes to provide more samples, which would increase the accuracy of the test.  Mayweather did acknowledge that there may have been steroid use before the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mayweather is adamant that his career is far from over and he feels honored to be mentioned in the same class of fighters as Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson.  He explained what made Emanuel Steward so special and how he transcended the sport of boxing.  Floyd finished the interview talking about Mike Tyson’s Broadway show and what he plans to do when he finally hangs the gloves up. 

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