CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s the final weekend of campaigning in the crowded 2nd Congressional Primary Election.

Voters will choose a successor to former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. CBS 2’s Derrick Blakley was out today, following the candidates.

After working the Sunday lunch crowd at Ted’s restaurant in Calumet City, Debbie Halvorson said voters have given her the energy to withstand a million-dollar onslaught of negative ads.

“The first thing out of their mouths is, we’re sick of those commercials. We’re voting for you, we don’t want the mayor of New York coming in and trying to buy a seat in congress,” said Halvorson.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg flooded the airwaves with $1.5 million in TV spots, attacking Halvorson on guns. Now, other candidates are attacking him, including Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale.

“I am the only one person in this race with a strong record against guns, gangs and drugs in the community and I’ve been doing it 14 years. The person he’s endorsed hasn’t been in office since 2006,” said Beale at Bethlehem Temple in Harvey.

That candidate is former State Representative Robin Kelly.

When asked what separates her from the field, Kelly said, “It is no secret my stance on gun safety, my NRA “F” rating. But I also feel I have a breath of experience the other candidates don’t have.”

With no other contests on the ballot, turnout for this special election on Tuesday is expected to be very low, and that will place an even bigger premium than normal on each candidate’s ability to get their voters to the polls.

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