HOMEWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — Voter turnout is expected to be relatively low as voters in the 2nd Congressional District head to the polls in snowy conditions, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore. They’re choosing the candidates who will square off to replace former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.

Sherry Luckhaupt and her husband brought the dogs and the car with them when they traveled to vote. She said she would not let the snowy weather keep her from the polls.

Bob Colton lives near the Homewood Public Library polling place so weather was not a factor for him. He admited the snow and ice may keep some people away but the importance of the 2nd District Election has drawn many people out.

“Of course there is the whole story about Jesse Jackson Jr. and all of that. There is a lot of attention drawn to that so naturally there is a lot of attention drawn to this particular election to find who would be a good replacement,” said Colton.

When asked what he thought of the field, Colton responded, “Huge.”

The election judges told Newsradio’s Craig Dellimore that turnout was very low in the early part of the day. They were hoping things picked up in the evening commute, but there is that weather.

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