(CBS) — The deep fryers are on overdrive as the kitchen at Jimmy Green’s in the South Loop prepares for another big Blackhawks crowd.

“It’s definitely more of an upbeat vibe now that they are winning,” says General Manager Jeff Terrana.

Since the team has been winning Terrana says business has been booming.

“It’s been very good. It’s increased tremendously. Now they come out more and more because they want to see that next win,” he says.

Terrana says revenues were down as the lockout continued through mid-January, but the last month has made up for it — and then some.

The more the team wins, the better the business and the happier the crowd.

“It’s like a playoff season — I think everyone is staring to get the fever now,” Terrana says.

Terrana says it’s contagious — something he hopes will take him well into the spring.

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