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(CBS) – At the Chicago Math and Science Academy, students are becoming young experts in robotics and winning awards for them.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says these young engineers are all someone you should know.

Someday robots may be running the world but right now at CMSA they are running to bring honor to the school.

Their developers are the Robo Titans, a team of high school kids involved in making a robot that picks up rings and hangs them on separate pegs.

Sana Slote and Hernan Razo operate the device. They say it took teamwork to develop it.

“Over winter break we all came to my house. We tried to use every resource we have,” Razo says.

In this the first year the school has been involved in robotics, the students have entered five competitions and come back with five awards.

Middle students are known as Robo Minds, and their robotic projects are put together from Legos. They are created through computers images and pre-programmed.

Ugur Akguf is the schools robotics instructor.

“These competitions also qualify them for big scholarships,” he says.

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