CHICAGO (CBS) — A proposal to end or limit the sales of some energy drinks in Chicago has been the subject of a contentious hearing before a city council committee, reports WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore.

Powerful Alderman Edward Burke proposes banning high-caffeine energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster.

The makers of those beverages reject assertions that the drinks have contributed to deaths and hospitalizations, but Burke questioned attorney Stuart Pape of the American Beverage Association about the warnings on a can of Monster.

“Why is it that your clients don’t recommend that children consume that product,” Burke questioned.

Pape responded,” I don’t want to speculate about why. I think that caffeine is a perfectly safe, as FDA has concluded…”

Burke interrupted Pape’s answer, saying, “That counsel is not the question.”

The head of the Chicago Medical Society testified that the energy drinks could be harmful to young people and others.

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