By Mary Kay Kleist

(CBS) — Feel like you’ve tried every kind of diet and it seems impossible to get down to your ideal weight?

As CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports, the new Shred diet says you can drop two sizes in just six weeks.

Kathleen Flynn tried so many times to drop those extra pounds. Nothing worked — until now.

“It was very successful very quickly,” she says.

Kathleen is one of a half a million people who call themselves Shredders.

Chicago doctor Ian Smith created the concept.

“Dieting should not be expensive, it should not be complicated. And people should have fun with it,” says Smith, the author of “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet.” “You’re going to learn how to eat real food but you do it in a different way that’s going to help you lose weight. We teach portion control.”

Each shred cycle is six weeks long. The book tells you exactly what and when to eat each day.

“Every 3 to 4 hours you eat, which stabilizes your hormones. We change the type of food you eat all the time, the amount of calories you eat, and that keeps your metabolism revved so you can burn more calories,” Smith says.

The plan calls for four meals and three snacks a day. Here’s an example of foods you can eat over the course of a day: For breakfast, an orange, oatmeal and juice; a hard-boiled egg for Snack 1; tomato soup, an apple and tea for lunch; hummus and cucumber for your second snack; beans, three veggies and diet soda for Meal 3; a chicken and tomato salad with broccoli and milk for Meal 4; and a sweet potato for your final snack.

Kathleen says it was almost too much food.  “I definitely wasn’t starving myself,” she says.

Smith says Shred is more than just a diet for weight loss. “When you become a Shredder, you start undertaking a mentality about life in general, about being focused, about being determined,” he says.

Now 22 pounds lighter and starting another six-week cycle, Kathleen says the diet has motivated her to become healthier, even after the diet ends.

“I’m now kind of learning that I’m getting energy just from eating well. Obviously getting in your clothes and having them fit you better is phenomenal. I wouldn’t replace that for anything,” she says.

Shredders are encouraged to find fun, physical activity for 40 minutes, four or five days a week. Kathleen says she still would like to lose another 40 pounds.

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