(CBS) – Typically, when the new year hits, people resolve to eat better and to get healthier.

But one entire company that is headquartered in Chicago decided to take the health challenge.

They’ve got extra pep in their step at Loop-based telecom company Global Capacity. Because, as of early February and running through mid-May, employees are competing on nine different company teams to try to walk around the equivalent of the world.

So far, they’ve gotten as far as Poland.

The friendly competition was the idea of Jeremy Brizzi. Himself a triathlete and marathoner, he tried to motivate his co-workers.

Global Capacity President Jack Lodge was on board immediately. He OK’d the purchase of pedometers for everyone.

“I think it really incents people and makes it a little more top of mind,” he says of the fitness effects.

Meanwhile, Jessica Cagle demonstrated the way she uses an exercise ball instead of a chair at her desk. She’s the one who started the trend in the office.

“I notice that is supposed to work for your core area, and it actually does,” she says.

The company’s around-the-world walk is complete in May, just in time to compete in the chase corporate challenge.

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