CHICAGO (CBS)—Families and friends of two men allegedly killed by an off-duty police officer driving the wrong way held a protest and vigil Monday.

Fabian Torres and Joaquin Garcia were killed Friday morning on Lake Shore Drive, allegedly when Terrell Garrett collided with their vehicle. He is charged with DUI and reckless homicide.

The outraged families of the victims again protested that the North Chicago Police officer was granted $500,000 bond over the weekend. He is still hospitalized with a broken hip.

The protest began at 26th & Pulaski — headed by two mothers united by a common loss, the death of their sons.

“This cop is a killer,” Asuncion Torres, Fabian Torres’ mother, said. “Had anyone in our community done this, they would have locked up, no house arrest, and thrown away the key.”

Garrett’s attorney tells CBS 2 he met with his client Monday, and bonding out any time soon may be pointless because he expects the officer to remain hospitalized. He’s being guarded around the clock.

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