CHICAGO (CBS) — Anti-war activists targeted Boeing’s Chicago headquarters today protesting the company’s role in drone warfare, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.

It is the “Day of the Drones’ with protests across the country targeting drone manufacturers.
Anti-war activist Joe Iosbaker.

About three dozen protestors chanted, marched, gave speeches and participated in street theater designed to illustrate their outrage with the federal government’s use of drones overseas.

“The drones are being used in violation of international law. They are carrying out a mass campaign of terror in Pakistan, where according to a study done by Stanford, there’s 2,500 to 3,500 deaths,” said Iosbaker.

Most he says, non-combatants.

It is not just military drones says activist Andy Thayer.

“It is also about surveillance here in the United States now,” said Thayer.

When asked if he thinks drones could be used against protests in the future, Thayer responded, “I think that that is very close unfortunately. There was some talk about them being even rolled out even in the NATO protests.”

He said Chicago holds some responsibility, as the host city of the Boeing company, which is pitching the government on a drone it calls, “Phantom Ray.”

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