Updated 04/11/13 – 6:08 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police have arrested one of two offenders involved in an armed robbery and shooting at a store in which the owners fought off the attackers with a baseball bat.

The robbery happened at Quizhpe convenience store in the 2200 block of North Western Avenue on Tuesday.

Cornell Mack, 53, has been charged with attempted first degree murder, armed robbery and discharge of a firearm. His bond was set at $750,000 on Thursday.

Mack was still in the hospital on Thursday, tending his own wounds from the fight with the store’s owner, after taking a stray bullet from his buddy’s gun during the attack.

Cornell Mack, 2012 arrest photo (Credit: Chicago Police)

Cornell Mack (Credit: Chicago Police)

The investigation continues regarding an additional offender involved in the robbery.

The Logan Square shop owner, Luis Quizhpe, was shot trying to defend his store, fighting off robbers with just a baseball bat.

“He put his hands in God, and that’s where he got the strength to fight back,” his daughter, Luisa, said.

The good news is that shop owner is in good condition, after as many as 10 shots were directed at him.

The man definitely fired multiple times, shattering display cases and leaving behind 10 bullet casings.

Quizhpe could have been shot dead but the gunman kept missing, only getting him once in the leg.

“It was some angels that were helping him, because to get shot at [ten] times at close range, and to get hit once … it’s’ not luck, it’s a miracle,” his son, Juan, said.

Thursday morning, the Quizhpe family was counting their blessings.

Luisa said her father is doing much better after being shot.

“I thank everyone for praying for him; just goes to show you the power of prayer. He’s doing very good; lots of friends, families are praying for him,” she said. “It is a guardian angel that was watching for my father.”

Surveillance video of the robbery starts when the perp holds a gun to the throat of Quizhpe’s brother-in-law, Luis Ernesto Aucaquizhpe, showing he’d mean business by way of bullets.

At this point, the man with the gun may have initially shot his accomplice, who’d soon after gimply wobble away.

Then it’s bad guy with a gun and a shop owner with a bat; unfair by any estimation. Quizhpe would get a bullet in the leg as he swung the bat at the robbers.

All over? No. The suspect realizes he needs to be buzzed to be let out so it begins again.

Quizhpe hits the bad guy with a bat, then Aucaquizhpe hits him with a stool and eventually a fire extinguisher.

“I’m a still kinda nervous,” said Aucaquizhpe.

It’s the day brothers in law beat, literally, the gunslinger.

Mack has a lengthy criminal record; with more than a dozen arrests. He’s been in and out of prison on convictions for theft, assault, and drug charges.

“Thank God that justice was served, and maybe he will think a little about what is he doing, and change his ways, and stop hurting people,” Luisa said.

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