CHICAGO (CBS) — A body pulled from a lagoon on the southwest side has been identified as that of a missing teenager, reports WBBM’s Michele Fiore. Tonight, a tearful interview with the boy’s mother.

For more than six weeks, no one knew what happened to 14 year old Julius Campbell.

“Because it was unlike him not to call or anything,” said Julius’ mother, Christina Campbell.

Campbell, tells CBS 2, the last time anyone saw Julius was March 7. He’d gone to school, then disappeared after third period. His body was discovered days later at Marquette Park lagoon. His death was no accident. Police say the boy had been stabbed numerous times.

“That was no way for my child to die. It just wasn’t,” said Campbell.

Campbell has six children, but something was special about him, and she’s having a hard time even standing, she says all her strength is gone.

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