CHICAGO (CBS) — A South Side nine-year-old threw out the first pitch at today’s White Sox game and gave inspiration to all those who saw, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.

Adam Sanchez was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer the day before Thanksgiving.

Since then, he has had two brain surgeries and some 30 sessions of cancer treatment. But his mom says he still goes to school at St. Bede’s every day and even made the honor roll.

“He is doing great. If it wasn’t for the loss of hair, you wouldn’t even know that there is anything wrong with him. From seeing him, his demeanor never changed, his attitude. He is just silly, funny little boy that he has always been,” said Adam’s mom. Brenda Valadez.

Brenda Valadez is a Chicago Police officer. Her brother, Alex, was killed in the line of duty almost four years ago.

Adam described the experience as “awesome” and said it felt “like a dream came true”.

Some of his classmates were able to watch Adam’s big pitch, thanks to a donor who gave tickets to many of fourth through eighth graders.

Adam’s family was able to watch the game from the comfort of Paul Konerko’s suite at the Cell, which the first baseman loaned out for Sanchez’s debut.

Adam says he keeps going thanks to God and all the prayers he has received.

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