CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s going from bad to worse in one Wheeling mobile home park.

Some residents, already devastated by flooding, fear they may now lose their homes through no fault of their own, CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports.

Fox Point residents are now allowed back in, but many say they are being told by Wheeling officials that they will not be allowed to get the permits needed to repair their damaged homes.

Without those permits, they can’t make the repairs, leaving their homes condemned and them homeless and broke.

Wheeling’s Village Manager Jon Sfondilus says because the park is right next to the Des Plaines River, in a flood zone, FEMA may not allow the issuance of those permits.

He says he may know more later this week when officials conduct another round of inspections of the park.

Meanwhile, the 43 homes still do not have gas service.

A NICOR spokesperson says it’s up to the homeowners to replace damaged appliances and make other repairs before they will re-connect the gas.

Eloy Hernandez says if he isn’t allowed to repair his home, he doesn’t know where he and his family will go.

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