PLAINFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — It was the explosion we all heard that took his life in Texas.

Kevin Sanders once responded to emergencies here, and here is where he’ll be laid to rest.

Brad Edwards was there and spoke to those who knew him.

At the Plainfield Dire District, three flags fluttered at half staff, one with a lone star for the one lost there from here.

Kevin Sanders, 33, an EMT in West Texas was evacuating residents in what turned into the explosion heard the world round.

“Appreciate your emergency responders, they are everyday Kevins,” said Plainfield Police Chief John Konopeck.

Sanders once worked in Plainfield and grew up there. He was a super fan of Superman and many wore those tee’s this night.

“I expect that Kevin did exactly what I would expect Kevin to do,” said Konopeck.

That is go in and get people out.

His wife and baby son were at the memorial service.

“That’s the most difficult part to grasp as now there is going to be a son that that is going to look up to his dad as a hero forever but really not going to get a chance to get to know his dad,” said Konopeck.

That son just seven months old. His name is Reeve, for Christopher Reeve, Superman.

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