CHICAGO (CBS) — Tears, fist pumps, and downright pride overflowed after the Bulls surprising victory over the Miami Heat.

Nate Robinson shrugged off a bloody lip that required surgery.

And, at the end, with the victory assured, Carlos Boozer and the rest of his teammates couldn’t contain their excitement.

And while fans debate whether Derrick Rose should actually be playing, CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports that this Bulls team may go down in history has a fan favorite.

From North Side to South Side, there was one city-wide truth.

“I think everyone is talking about the Bulls,” said Anthony Longo.

They were talking in Englewood at the S Class Barbershop, describing a team that battled injuries and sickness and has far exceeded expectations.

Nathaniel Banks described it simply: “Determination, focus.”

After winning Game 7 against Brooklyn on the road against the Nets, few, if anybody, expected a competitive game against the mighty Miami Heat, let alone a victory.

“Talent doesn’t always win,” said Bulls fan Kiwan Price. “Teamwork wins.”

Teamwork–along with another quality cherished by Elliott Velez today in Pilsen.

“Heart,” he said.

In recent Chicago history, we’ve had champions but these battered, undermanned Bulls could rank among the most beloved Chicago team — ever.

Maria Brueggmann said, “I am impressed with everything — their bodies, their minds, their energy, everything.”

In a city where we have our share of bad news, it makes fans feel darn good.

“Yes,” said Banks. “It brings sunshine to Chicago.”

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