CHICAGO (CBS) — Members of the Guardian Angels crime-fighting patrol passed out leaflets in search of the man who sexually assaulted and robbed a woman waiting for a bus.

Some approached by the group first intended to ignore them, but when they heard it was about a broad daylight attack at Clark Street and Devon Avenue, many stopped and listen. Guardian Angels National Director Michael Fuentes said he believes it helped.

“We actually did have a tip,” he said. “I called the number that was on the flyer, notified one of the detectives of a person of interest, a street name, a code name, and hopefully something will pan out.”

Last Thursday, at about 2 p.m., the attacker forced the victim from the bus stop at Clark and Devon to 1500 W. Highland Av., where the man assaulted the victim and took a credit card.

He has been described as a black male, 35 to 40 years old, standing 5-foot-8, weighing 300 pounds, with short black hair. At the time, he was wearing a striped polo shirt and blue jeans.

Fuentes said, if you are confronted by a would-be attacker to fight back, especially if the attacker tries to force you to another location. He said the victim should yell “No,” or “Stop.” He said the victim should bite or scratch the attacker as much as possible – both to leave scars and to collect DNA samples.

Fuentes urged victims to call police from a safe location as soon as possible and to give the best description possible, especially any scars, tattoos or missing or crooked teeth.

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