By Gregg Doyel-

(CBS) This is no longer about Derrick Rose’s knee. It’s not about his heart or his head, either. Not anymore. The Derrick Rose Watch, pretty much the leading storyline of the 2013 NBA playoffs, is about his eyes.

As in, how can he look at his teammates?

Seriously, how can he do it? Only Rose knows how he can look at Nate Robinson, puking into trashcans during timeouts, wiping his mouth and returning to the floor.

Only Rose knows how he can look at Joakim Noah, playing on a sore foot, an affliction called plantar fasciitis, the kind of thing that sounds manageable until you’ve actually had it, and then you know the only way to heal it is to stay off it. Noah stays off it a good 12 minutes per game. The other 36? He’s playing.

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