(CBS) Now retired Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher admitted he wanted to play for the Dallas Cowboys this season, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“If I could have picked a spot, it would have been Dallas,” Urlacher told the newspaper. “They run our defense. They took our d-coordinator (Rod Marinelli). That would have been ideal. But they have two really good young linebackers.”

Instead, Urlacher is now looking for other options and would be open to becoming a television analyst.

“I don’t know how good I’d be at that,” Urlacher told Tribune. “It would take a lot of work to get me ready for it. But that might be something I look into.”

Urlacher often clashed with the media during his career, but he was a paid guest on Fox Chicago’s “The Final Word” the last three years. He also has done commercials, including the often run Comcast Xfinity spots.

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis got a job with ESPN as a television analyst shortly after retiring in February, but Urlacher does not have any offers yet, according to the report.

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