(CBS) — There are reports of a new problem today for Chicago-based Boeing and its newest plane.

Just days after Boeing’s Dreamliner jets returned to the skies, a broadcast report from Tokyo indicates there was a sensor problem with one of the replacement batteries in a 787 in the Japan Airlines fleet.

The report says there was no safety danger, but the censor that was involved detects overheating in the battery. All of Boeing’s new 787s were grounded for four months while the Chicago-based plane maker fixed a problem that caused some of its lithium ion batteries to overheat.

CBS News Transportation Safety Analyst and former chairman of the NTSB, Mark Rosenker says the system is designed so that now even if there were problems with the battery, it wouldn’t damage the plane.

“If the system is to be worked the way they have proven to work, it should not effect in any way, shape or form the ability to perform properly,” said Rosenker.

Boeing has since encased the batteries.

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