Eee Bee .(Credit: Kane County Animal Control.

Eee Bee .(Credit: Kane County Animal Control.

(CBS) — A kitten is safe in Kane County – after hitching a ride in the engine of a semi truck for almost 300 miles.

If a truck driver hadn’t been talking on his cell phone in a construction zone, things might have turned out differently.

But Sugar Grove Police Sergeant Tom Barna says an officer did stop the driver.

“As he had the man pulled over, he said he heard what sounded like a kitten and he asked the driver if he had a cat on board. The driver said he didn’t.”

But he did have a kitten on board – unbeknownst to the truck driver. A kitten clinging desperately to the truck’s air cleaner in the engine.

“The truck driver said he started in Tomah, Wisconsin, which is about 284 miles from Sugar Grove. So this guy had been holding on for three or four hours.”

This guy turned out to be a girl. And Carole Varetoni of Kane County Animal Control named her Eee Bee.

Credit Kane County Animal Control.

Eee Bee. (Credit: Kane County Animal Control.

“Engine Block is what we were calling her when I picked her up. And I changed it to Eee Bee. It sounded better.”

She says Eee Bee is doing fine and will be put up for adoption.

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