(CBS) — As Father’s Day approaches, a dad refuses to give up hope that his daughter will soon be free, despite a confession and murder conviction in the day care death of a 16 month-old-boy, reports WBBM’s John Cody.

Paul Calusinski says he’s been buoyed by a pathology report to the Lake County Coroner saying 16-month-old Ben Kingan had sustained an earlier head injury, before to the one for which Melissa Calusinski had been convicted and sentenced.

“I actually think that she is going to be home here sometime within the next three to six months, I really do. It’s that promising,” said Calusinski.

Melissa Calusinski confessed to injuring the boy at Minee Subee Day Care in 2009, but later said the confession was coerced.

Her case is on appeal and Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd asked for further investigation about findings that led to her first degree murder conviction

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