The 'cat cake.' (Credit: Gambrel Family)

The ‘cat cake.’ (Credit: Gambrel Family)

CHICAGO (CBS) — Of all the cat memes on the Internet, this one just might take the cake.

The hilarity began quite innocently, when Carol Gambrel placed an order for a cake for her daughter, Laura, who recently graduated from Indiana University.

The Zionsville mother provided a photo of Laura and requested a graduation-themed design, including a “cap” on top of Laura’s head.

Well, the bakery obviously misunderstood, as you can see from the above photo.

Good for the Gambrels that they saw the humor in all of it.

They left “cat cake” alone, although the bakery reportedly offered to fix the mistake.

“When I went to pick it up at the store, I could not stop laughing,” Carol Gambrel told Good Morning America. “I told them not to scrape it off.”

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