CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago doorman is being hailed as a hero after coming to the rescue of a woman who had been sexually assaulted.

Chicago police say two women have been assaulted near Oak Street on the Near North Side in the past week.

The latest happened Sunday morning in an alley in the 1000 block of North Dearborn, but the attacker was scared off by an alert doorman working in the area.

“This guy, you know he was like a predator and she was like his target,” said Cornell Wrightington, who saw the man attack the woman around 5:40 a.m. on Sunday.

Wrightington said he noticed the man was following the woman.

“She had no idea because she was on her phone,” he said.

It was when the man followed the woman down an alley that Wrightington got worried.

He rushed out to check on her, suspecting the man might be trying to steal her cell phone, but what he saw was even worse.

“He had her pinned down right inside the driveway of the town homes here,” Wrightington said.

“She was pleading with the gentleman not to do this, please don’t harm her, please don’t rape me.”

Wrightington couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“I’m like I got to do something to at least try to save this young lady’s life.”

Wrightington started yelling at the attacker, and the suspect ran off leaving the 26-year-old woman crying on the ground.

Wrightington helped the woman inside and called police.

Surveillance video captured the attack, but those images have not yet been released by police.

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