George I. Nenov (Credit: Park Ridge police)

George I. Nenov (Credit: Park Ridge police)

(CBS) — A Morton Grove man is charged with trying to steal financial information from those who used an automatic teller machine at a Park Ridge bank.

Police said employees of the Charter One branch, at 118 Euclid Av., in Park Ridge, foiled the first attempt Friday when they spotted a skimmer attached to an ATM and found a small camera before any information could be retrieved. Deputy Chief Lou Jogmen said 58-year-old George Nenov returned Sunday.

“He tried the same type of operation by installing a skimmer on the door, which is designed to collect account information off of your ATM card and he installed a miniature camera inside the vestibule to capture your PIN as you enter it into the machine,” Jogmen said.

Jogmen said that Park Ridge police, already alerted to the Friday attempt, arrested Nenov at the bank before he could finish installing everything.

Detectives do not believe the skimmer installations were the first attempted by Nenov because of their sophistication. As a result, Jogmen said, detectives from several other police departments are questioning Nenov and conducting follow-up investigations to attempt to determine if he is responsible for skimming ATM and credit card data elsewhere.

Nenov is charged with burglary and identity theft, both felonies. Bond was set Tuesday at $10,000 by Skokie Courthouse Judge Lauren Ediden. State’s Attorney’s office spokesman Steve Campbell said that Nenov is scheduled to appear again before Judge Ediden at 1:30 p.m. July 18.

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