CHICAGO (CBS) — Several residents in the Pilsen neighborhood were forced out of their homes early Wednesday, after the façade of their building collapsed.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports the front façade of a building in the 1100 block of West 19th Street came crashing down around 1:45 a.m., leaving a pile of bricks and debris on the sidewalk.

A window-unit air conditioner also came down.

Although officials on the scene said the building was structurally sound, some of the windows shifted when the façade collapsed. A fire department official said the building is more than 100 years old.

One of the building’s residents described what happened.

“The house was shaking. I came outside and looked outside. I thought it was an accident, or maybe the tree fell down,” Jorge Figueroa said. “I went to the front, and I seen where everything came down. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’”

No one was injured.

Chicago police and contractors were on the scene early Wednesday.

The American Red Cross was providing assistance to the four tenants who were being displaced, and putting them up in a hotel.

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