By Brad Edwards

CHICAGO (CBS) — His family says he was just being a good guy, standing up for someone in trouble. But Michael Davis paid for it, suffering a brutal beating with a baseball bat for trying to intervene in a fight. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has the story.

Michael Davis stepped in to make peace and now he’s in the ICU.

“He took two hits to the back of the head. his face was cut. his teeth were knocked out. his jaw was broken on both sides of his face,” said his niece Alicia Webb.

“When he was at the bar that night he was trying to diffuse the situation. the patron he happened to be sticking up for was white and there was some type of racial slur said to him about why he was doing that,” said Webb.

Davis was tracked by the two men down the block to his Roger’s Park home and beaten with a bat.

“He’s not new to the neighborhood everyone knows him,” said Webb.

“I’m scared right now,” said one patron outside the bar who new Davis. “Everybody gotta be scared.”

Michael Davis has had two weeks in ICU for his pool table intervention and those who put did it are on the streets.

Chicago Police working the case have made no arrests. The family are hoping for tips. Michael Davis went through complete facial reconstruction and he’s not yet able to communicate.

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