By Brad Edwards

(CBS) — It looked like the July 4th miracle: A train derails and authorities say no one was injured. They were wrong as a local couple was crushed to death.

Nearly a year later, their children tell CBS 2’s Brad Edwards they’re left with only questions.

Nearly a year later a sapling sprouts and there is a plaque and no bridge where the bridge crumbled. The Lindner brothers heard the news as other’s did.

“We just heard on local news that there had been a derailment,” said Rob Lindner.

24 hours later, first a bumper, then a plate were found. Burt and Zorine Lindner were enveloped by coal. Mr. Lindner was a lawyer. Friends say they were a great couple and doting grandparents.

“It’s no easier and there’s more frustration in terms of trying to figure out what happened,” said Matt Lindner.

Son Matt didn’t want to be there.

“As great as the communities have been and how great these people are, I have absolutely no desire to be here whatsoever,” said Matt Lindner.

Court documents in the case reveal an anomaly was noticed in the tracks that morning. A supervisor was even called, arrived but they contend failed to act.

“I’d like them to say what they did wrong,” said Rob Lindner. “Fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen to another family.”

The lawsuit’s right now stalled and the plaintiffs claimed they’ve been stonewalled. A spokesperson from Union Pacific Railroad says “I cannot comment about the ongoing litigation,” but adds a new bridge will be in place the end of 2013.

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