By Dana Kozlov

CHICAGO (CBS) — A neighborhood security camera line was cut just days before a Chicago woman is found murdered. Could it be a clue in the case?

Police are reviewing the video to see if it helps them find 64-year-old Aurelia Wilborn’s killer.

A relative found the Roseland resident last Friday morning on the floor of her garage. She’d been stabbed to death.

The man who manages the building where the camera line was cut wonders if his camera also caught images of the killer’s van. He just found that footage today and immediately called detectives.

Roseland building manager Willie Leigh’s security video shows a van and two people, apparently casing his building on June 28.

“He’s leaning out like he’s looking,” said Leigh.

An hour and 23 minutes later, Leigh said, “They cut it. They cut it off.”

Three or four days after that, 64-year-old Aurelia Wilborn, Leigh’s neighbor just two doors south, is found dead inside her garage with her throat cut and her car gone.

Asked if he believes the cutting of the security camera and the murder are connected, Leigh said, “Yeah, because also the lady that lives next door, they also destroyed two of her cameras too.”

A relative found Wilborn’s body July 5, but her son believes she’d been dead for days.

Outten says everything happened inside his mother’s garage. Her house was untouched.

Willie Leigh hopes his security video helps.

“I’ll let the police decide on what believe it is,” said Leigh.

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