CHICAGO (CBS) — Governor Quinn and Lisa Madigan were together today at an event in Melrose Park, but the two had little to say to or about each other, reports WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger.

The Governor and Attorney General Lisa Madigan both attended the grand opening of Navistar’s new Test and Development Center. Afterward, they spoke separately to reporters about what appeared to be their frosty relationship.

The Governor, denying any strain between them, said, “Oh no, I said ‘hi.’ I think you misapprehended that.”

And Madigan says they exchanged pleasantries.

“We said hello, happy to be here, exciting day,” said Madigan.

One thing they agree on: The Inspector General will get to the bottom of what went on at Metra. That, after the ousted executive director Alex Clifford recently wrote in a memo that he was forced out because he stood up to House Speaker Mike Madigan’s demands for a pay raise for a political supporter who works for Metra.

Lisa Madigan says the IG will investigate and then refer any possible illegalities to the appropriate law enforcement agency. She wouldn’t talk about a possible conflict of interest for her office, if her father were alleged to have done something wrong.

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