Milo Simmon (Left) and Earl Toomer (Right) (Credit: Riverside Police)

Milo Simmon (Left) and Earl Toomer (Right) (Credit: Riverside Police)

RIVERSIDE, Ill. (CBS) — Police in west suburban Riverside say they arrested two men over the weekend they believe are responsible for more than 40 burglaries since April.

The two men did not know each other, police say.

One targeted mostly garages. The other? Cars.

Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel says police caught 42-year-old Milo Simmons after officers recognized his vehicle from an internal police flier.

19-year-old Earl Toomer Weitzel says he was caught after a resident called in a report of a suspicious person in his driveway.

“He was literally running between yards and jumping fences and yards with 90 dollars in change in his pockets.

“And the change was flying out of his pockets during the foot pursuit. The GPS units were flying out. He was losing all his property as he led officers on this 5-minute foot chase.”

Chief Weitzel says Toomer is linked to 35 robberies of vehicles and garages and Simmons is linked to 8 burglaries.

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