CHICAGO (CBS) — The Illinois Secretary of State’s office is getting out the word: big changes are coming soon for drivers with disabilities.

WBBM’s Regine Schlesinger reports, starting Jan. 1, drivers with a disability placard or license plate, will not be entitled to park for free at metered spaces.

Bill Bogdan, with the Secretary of State’s office, says only those who can’t physically reach or feed the pay box will be exempt from paying.

Drivers will have to get a doctor to certify that they are physically unable to pay. Once approved, they will be issued a new placard, exempting them from paying.

Bogdan, who’s in a wheelchair himself, hopes the end of free parking for most will take away the incentive to abuse the placards.

“I’m a father of three, I’ve got three young kids and when I’m out by myself with them and I need to take them places and those spots are taken up, I never feel more handicapped in my life,” he said

Starting Tuesday, workers will begin placing notices on the windshields of cars that display handicapped placards or plates, warning that they’ll have to pay for parking unless they get the special exemption.

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