(CBS) Here are this week’s over/unders from The McNeil and Spiegel Show!


Cutler Completions to Non-Marshall Players:   4.5
Only threw to Marshall last week, Marshall missed week 1 of preseason.
No matter how good, can’t just go to one guy.  Even if it’s Brandon Marshall.
Mac – Over              Spiegs – Over

Jim Miller – “I have to be honest with you”:  1.5
Haven’t caught him doing it in a game yet but he does on our show regularaly
Assume he’ll do it again tonight, especially if things don’t appear to be clicking
Mac – Under           Spiegs – Over

Sam Rosen:
Bears Misprononcuiations:  1.5 —- Not necissarily a pattern but is fun to listen for
Mac – Under           Spiegs – Over

Sam Rosen Confusion over Bears Player:  1.5
Will it be like last week in Berman not having a clue on Shea McClellin plays?
Could be like Sam Rosen last year – calling the Steelers the Penguins
Mac – Over              Spiegs – Over

Darren McFadden leave with injury:  Yes or No
Guy is always hurt, never makes it through a year
Seemingly leaves games with an injury often as well…does it happen at some point tonight?
Mac – No                  Spiegs – Yes

Terrelle Pryor’s Longest Play:  19.5 Yards
Can he make a long pass?  Can he break off a long run?
Raiders seemingly want to get him chances and see if they have something with him
Bears defense usually doesn’t allow the big play, either.
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Under

Kyle Long Pancakes:  2.5
Get his bust in Canton ready?  Another huge step tonight?
How many pancakes does Long have in the first team getting extended time tonight?
Mac – Over              Spiegs – Under

Shots of Howie Long as a Raider:  1.5
Too natural with his son, Kyle playing.  Too easy to know that it’s coming.  Do they do it twice?
Mac – Under           Spiegs – Under

Bears Yards on Opening Possesssion:  17.5
Can they get off to a good start?  Not the first two preseason games.  Change tonight?
Requires getting a first down.
Mac – Over              Spiegs – Over


AJ Pierzynski Beanings:  0.5
Does Pierzynski get hit this weekend?
Mac – Over              Spiegs – Over

Alex Rios Loafing Moments Tonight:  0.5
Doesn’t run hard to a ball hit his way in outfield, doesn’t run out a double play…seen it before
Mac – Under                       Spiegs – Under

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