By Brad Edwards

SKOKIE, Ill. (CBS) — Police in north suburban Skokie are searching for a cat-burglar striking house after house while the occupants are asleep. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards spoke with several victims.

“I thought about psycho. Norman bates,” said robbery victim Chris Johnson.

Johnson was only made aware after police located his wife’s purse in their yard. They were burgled while they slept.

“You feel invaded,” said Chris Johnson.

Carolyn Wideman received the cell phone alert and now, they’re looking out for each other.

“And we definitely have neighborhood watch,” said Wideman.

The Phillips weren’t home and had numerous items taken.

“Two iPads and an iPad mini. Two iPods. And they cleaned out our kids wallets,” said Jennifer Phillips.

Six-year-old Elliot says he lost $14, including $2 from his tooth fairy money.

Days later, it has rattled the Phillips boys..

“I felt like someone had to be watching me and that felt scary,” said eight-year-old George Phillips.

They now won’t sleep with closet doors closed or venture to the downstairs bathroom.

Neighbors are warning each other that despite the temptation in coming days to crack a door or leave a window open, don’t.

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