A designer's rendering of the 85 degree drop on Great America's new roller-coaster. (Credit: Great America)

A designer’s rendering of the 85 degree drop on Great America’s new roller-coaster. (Credit: Great America)

CHICAGO (CBS) — Thrill-seekers will find something new at Great America next spring.

If you’re the kind who can’t resist a stomach-churning roller coaster ride, Great America in Gurnee has the ride for you.

“It is the steepest, tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. It breaks three incredible world records,” Great America president Hank Salemi said.

He said the new wooden coaster will be called Goliath.

“It goes 72 miles an hour, “ he said. “It’s the tallest drop, at 180 feet, and the steepest drop, at 85 degrees, of any wooden roller coast in the world. It’s really an incredible ride.”

The ride will also include what designers call a negative G roll, a negative G float, an inverted drop and a few twists.

Goliath will be built in the next few months and is scheduled to open next spring or early summer.

(Credit: Great America)

(Credit: Great America)

(Credit: Great America)

(Credit: Great America)

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